Disney and the godmother

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The Disney Fantasy ad in Time Square

The Disney Fantasy ad in Time Square

Years ago, the chairman’s wife, royalty or another dignitary used to launch ships. But with so many cruise ships afloat, launches don’t get noticed by the media. Now the rage is to christen them and have an entertainment ‘A’ lister do it instead.

So on St Davis’s Day in New York, Disney christened their Disney Fantasy cruise ship. And ‘A’ listers trooped up to be there – led by Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris and the ships’ godmother, Mariah Carey who uttered the usual words.
It must have cost a fortune. Those  ‘A’ listers don’t come cheap but did it do anything?
After the bad publicity of both the Costa Allegro and the Costa Concordia any good publicity might have helped the cruise industry. And next morning the main New York TV channels carried the story in their breakfast programmes. But then breakfast TV regardless of which channel you watch, concentrates on local rather than national or international things.

But what use is a godmother? Religiously speaking, it is a person who looks after a child if anything happens to the parents and is there to ensure a Christian upbringing. So it’s just an appropriated word that sounds good to publicists. And nothing more.
But if it gets Disney in the media, even Mariah Carey might be a cheap deal!


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