Selecting a seatmate

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Flying can be fun- unless that is, you’re sat next to the flight neighbour from hell (for 10 of the worst travelling companions check out

However help could soon be at hand: Dutch airline, KLM. and Malaysian airlines are already testing a new programme that allows passengers to pick their in-flight neighbours by evaluating Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before take-off – and other airlines are expected to follow suit.

Here at CD-Traveller towers, we reckon that the ‘social seating’ software is a super idea! Flying will become much more appealing if you can sit next to someone with whom you share similar interests: single parents can seek out other Mums and Dads that are flying solo with their kids, while singletons can search for a soulmate and high powered, time poor business types can engineer all important meetings.

However not everyone is quite so keen on the plane software (dubbed ‘inflight dating’) that lets you pick your travelling companion. Some of the travellers CD-Traveller spoke to before writing this blog, said that they had zero interest in networking while ‘up in the air’ and would rather use the time catch up on their Zzzzs, read or watch a film or two.

What’s your opinion on this latest in-flight initiative? Are you excited by the thought of choosing who you can sit next into the skies or do you think it is a case of social media gone mad?

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