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With London Fashion Week in full swing, travel search site has identified that colour is intrinsically connected to travel choices.

The website, which was featured as one of Frommer’s ten ‘Most Useful Travel Websites for 2012’ – is offering travellers recommendations on what to see and do whilein a certain city, depending on their specific type of trip, denoted by an emotional colour scheme.

The site’s travel guides suggest the best activities, restaurants, galleries and entertainment, all graded by different colours – which users select from a sliding spectrum of different hues, all denoting a different purpose of travel.

Users first pick their destination city, and then move the mouse over the colour guide to choose which shade best describes their planned break. The slider starts from ‘Hot Pink’ – the colour of ‘urban decadence’ and ‘haute couture’, to ‘Cool Pink’ – ‘upscale and chic’, through to ‘Ruby Red’ – ‘Romantic’, and ‘Laid-back Orange’ – more suited to backpackers. The slider then offers ‘All-in Yellow’ – suitable for all ages, to ‘Fun Green’ for families, through to ‘Cultural Green’ – for more educational trips, and ‘Tranquil Turquoise’ – for those wanting a ‘quiet escape’. Lastly, the slider takes the user to ‘Biz Blue’ – for ‘formality’, and finally ‘Posh Purple’ – for ‘classical elegance’. On selecting their chosen colour, users are shown a city map, which updates to include recommendations of great places to visit according to the chosen colour, all written by fellow travellers.

“The fashion industry has long understood that emotions are also extremely connected to colours, but this concept has not yet been fully integrated into the travel industry, which is where our travel guides are breaking new ground,” says Martin Lumbye, Partner at

We want to know what you think of Momondo’s colour coded travel guides ( Fab or fail?

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