Allan Pickett’s perfect New Year meal

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Ring in the New Year with one of Allan Pickett four festive recipes. Today:  Roast fillet of Hereford beef with bone marrow and girolles and Roast Goosnargh chicken with field mushrooms and sweetcorn

Roast fillet of Hereford beef, bone marrow, sauté of girolles, burgundy wine jus

Recipe is for 2 people
2 x 220g fillets of beef (ideally Hereford but could be any quality breed)
2 centre cut pieces of marrow bone
100g of girolles or any seasonal mushrooms
Red wine sauce made with a good burgundy

For the potatoes
2 Desiree potatoes
100ml water
80g butter
3 sprigs thyme
2 cloves garlic

Firstly cut out 2 rounds from the potatoes, place them in a pan with the butter, water, thyme and garlic. Bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes very slowly until golden brown all over.

Seal the beef fillet off in a very hot pan with vegetable oil and cook to the desired degree, for medium rare it would be around 8-9 minutes at 190 degrees C.

Sauté the girolles off in a little oil and butter and keep hot.

Grill or bake the centre cut marrow bones until the marrow is warm but not totally melted.

Heat you gravy or red wine sauce.

Arrange all the ingredients on to a hot plate, spoon over your sauce and a little oil.

Serve immediately.


Roast Goosnargh chicken with sweetcorn and field mushroom puree

Recipe for two people
2 Goosnargh chicken breasts or quality equivalent
1 Sweetcorn cob
60 g of trompette mushrooms for the garnish
4 baby leeks or spring onions will suffice

For the purée
200g of Field mushrooms
1 shallot peeled and thinly sliced.
50ml of double cream
80ml chicken stock

100g of baked and passed Desiree potatoes
1 egg yolk
10g of potato flour
10g of grated parmesan
Salt and pepper

Roast the seasoned chicken supreme’s until just tender. Approx 180°C for 9 minutes.

Add the sliced shallots and a pinch of salt to a pan and sweat down for 3 minutes.

Cut the field mushrooms into a dice and add to the shallots. Cover with a lid and cook until all of the moisture has evaporated in the pan. 8-9 minutes.

Add double cream and boil, then blend and pass through a fine sieve. Adjust seasoning.

Cook the baby leeks in the boiling water and keep hot until needed.

Mix the passed potato with the other ingredients and roll into a sausage shape. Cut into rounds the size of a 50 pence piece and blanch in boiling salted water, then refresh in iced or cold water. Drain and place onto paper to dry out a little.

Heat a pan with a little oil and add in the gnocchi and colour until golden brown on both sides.

Boil the corn on the cob until tender. Approx 15 minutes. Then cut two nice pieces from it and warm once required.

Sauté the trompette mushrooms in a little oil and keep hot.

To serve
Spoon some of the purée into the middle of the warm plates.

Then add the chicken breasts that have been cut in half lengthways.

Followed by the remainder of the garnish.

Serve immediately

If you want to the gnocchi can be made in advance and then once cut can be frozen until required.

Allan Pickett


To read Allan’s recipe for roast red-legged partridge with game chips, buttered carrots and juniper sauce and classic braised daube of beef, don’t forget to log onto CD-Traveller tomorrow

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