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Now Christmas is over, do you have an armful of brochures, spend hours in travel agents or watch endless TV ads? According to Conrad Advertising, one of the very largest of ad agencies that specialise in travel, 50% of people who had booked a holiday last year looked at TripAdvisor as part of their research.
The survey, undertaken last September by YouGov, looked at a number of social media sites. Facebook, for example, had been looked at by only 8% and Twitter by just 5% during their research but had been used much more widely for other things. So, can we expect a return to more traditional forms of advertising this year to entice us to book?
The strongest influence on holiday decisions is still the advice from family and friends. It doesn’t matter whether that advice is on a social media website, over the kitchen table or down the pub. Wherever that advice appears will still drive our thoughts it seems.
The role of TripAdvisor, in particular, is contentious because- as we have written- many of us have been asked to write positive reviews by hotels to post on the site. Holidaymakers seem to be more questioning as the survey showed that 84% would investigate further and may book a hotel in which they are interested, even if it had a bad review. On a company’s own website, whilst the content of those reviews might be similar, only 28% of respondents who have been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months indicated these influence their decision to book or not. It seems to suggest that holidaymakers are vaguely suspicious of reviews about holidays or hotels that the company itself sells and is looking for a more independent view.
When asked which social media site would they believed had the MOST influence upon your holiday booking decisions, Trip Advisor won – for a general holiday. But nearly the same number said that that social media had no influence on them making a decision.
So maybe thumbing through the magazines, newspaper supplements and getting the brochures is still going to be around for a bit longer!

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