Fewer carrots used by Rudolph

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Rudolph and the gumdrop-enhanced avionics system

From the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington DC comes the news that “Special, gumdrop-enhanced avionics installed in Rudolph’s red nose will make it 10 times brighter, allowing the elves to track Santa One even during the type of heavy snowfall expected this Christmas.”
In addition the FAA announces that there is a faster route that Santa can travel. The effect this will have on our dwindling energy resources is important. Here’s the technical stuff! “In the past,” says the FAA, “each of the nine reindeer has consumed an average of 24 pounds of carrots per hour during the 10-hour voyage, with Rudolph consuming 28 to 30 pounds. The improved efficiency means reindeer will consume 1,080 fewer pounds of carrots this year. The trickle-down effect is expected to benefit the Easter Bunny.”
And there is another bonus for us all as well. The effects on the economy might make us leave the straits we are in earlier. Why? because the FAA also says that “the expected increase in present delivery has also improved the economy at the North Pole, since more elves are needed to make the gifts. The upward trend in gift-giving has, in turn, driven up hiring by 50 percent.”
This is just what is needed. All we can hope for is that the Rudolph effect will drift here as well so our economy as well as those of Greece, Italy and just about everywhere else as well improves. And the euro. And the pound.
Nice to know the people at the FAA have some humour. Does the CAA have a press release to match?

For the full briefing, click here

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