Tube drivers at it again

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Later today we’ll get to know the outcome of Transport for London’s high court challenge against a proposed tube drivers’ strike, on Boxing Day.

I can’t be the only one incensed by the Scrooge like behaviour of the greedy London tube drivers. The overpaid prima donnas (tube drivers’ salaries are set to rocket from £45,545 to £52,000 by 2015) don’t want to drive trains on Boxing Day, being a bank holiday and all. Boo hoo hoo.

Many of us – myself included – have to work on Boxing Day and do so without demanding three days pay (working out at £366) plus a day off. I kid you not. Aslef union members have agreed to pull a couple of levers for a few hours on Boxing Day, if underground bosses can comply with their demands.

Let’s hope the Underground bosses show some sense and – having already agreed to give tube drivers a handsome salary increase, in return for them not striking during next year’s Olympic Games – for once put their foot down.

Sure if the drivers strike, our Boxing Day plans could well go down the tube but I’d rather walk, bike or bus it to work/the shops/ a football game (delete as appropriate) than give into the drivers distinctly un-festive demands.

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