Olympics? Come to Scotland.

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This morning on BBC’s Breakfast, there have been running a story about the impact of tourism and the Olympics. There will be many such stories this week as the world’s largest tourist gathering meets in the Docklands area of London.
Tom Jenkins of ETOA- European Tour Operators Association – has been pointing out that the Games could be cause a downturn in tourists to London as people stay away. His argument is not new has ETOA has been producing evidence for many months along similar thoughts much to the chagrin of thee government and those involved in the games.
Thirty million people come to London each year, and those are only the ones that can be measured. Day trips by the rest of us are not adequately counted so the figure could be an underestimate.
The reasoning by ETOA is that previous Olympics have been hit by a downturn so why not London? Hotel rates are treble the price says ETOA. Is that not enough to dissuade the tourists who would normally come?
Taking advantage of those not enamoured of visiting London at this time is Visit Scotland. In conjunction with the Games, it is focusing on the creative and cultural offers that Scotland offers during the Games. But is this just an attempt to lure us away from London and the south east and head north of the border? They have already been successful than many thought they would be with their “Surprise Yourself” campaign which has taken more of us north. Will this new anti-Olympics campaign work just as well? And will Ireland, Wales and our near neighbours follow? To be honest, the people who encourage tourism couldn’t care. Their role is to get people to visit our countries regardless of the attraction. They will all talk Olympics but if people avoid London and head to the other regions and countries they won’t cry a lot. The only place to suffer could be London.

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