Luton: One of the worst airport’s in the world?

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Luton Airport

One always interesting website,, which gathers advice and makes suggestions on how you can sleep at airports, has taken the views of its readers and compiled a list. And at number seven troops in Luton as one of the very worst airports in the world.
But, you might say, surely this is just from a sleeping perspective – and this may come as a surprise to some – that is not the main purpose of an airport. You go to hotels for that. And park benches or armchairs in front of TV sets. So why bother with a poll that doesn’t really concern the usual process of travel.
The reason is because people who sleep at airports see more about what the airport is really like because they stay there longer. They get to be “experts” on toilet facilities, food outlets, staff politeness and cleanliness. So I am more likely to take notice of what they say than of a businessman who gets whisked into a lounge many of us don’t ever see and then boards a plane ahead of us.
So why did Luton only make the seventh worst place rather than the first which many would say should be its rightful place. How “bad” can the ones in front of it be?
Leading the list is the airport at Manila in the Philippines, one I confess not having been to but its predecessor was pretty unappealing containing some of the biggest and hungriest mosquitos that I have ever come across. Well apart from bribery and theft, a ceiling fell in at terminal one and running water in the toilets seems to be a luxury. As does soap. Luton’s beginning to look pretty good now, isn’t it?
At number two is Beauvais often erroneously called Paris-Beauvais as though it was nearly in the capital city. Described by one contributor as a “portacabin with a gazebo attached” that says it all. Few services, miles from Paris and beloved only by Ryanair – the management not the passengers. (this is not to criticise the town which is perfectly pleasant.) Another French airport, Paris – Charles de Gaulle which has been voted the worst in the last two years, is also in the list but only at number nine.
But what of Luton? It is noisy, expensive (the motto seems to charge for as much as possible but don’t spend a lot on refurbishment) and cold in anything but the warmest days. And then the air conditioning is unable to cope with the heat. And the seats aren’t sleep inducing.
Compared to Manila though, Luton looks like luxury!.

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