Wales, Rugby and Tourism

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Forget for a minute that Wales actually lost in the semi-final against France yesterday. In another way they have won given the coverage they have received over the last month or so and in the after match reports.
A large sporting event where nations compete obviously highlights the name of the country concerned. How the team of the country performs also has an effect. The coverage given to Wales has been of a young disciplined team that behaved themselves and performed well being beaten by just one point. (look at the comments to the story in Le Figaro, for example, to see that many French thought that Wales did not disgrace themselves.) Many commentators thought they should have won which adds to the story. So Wales will have been in a positive spotlight for a month or more. Will this turn itself into renewed interest in Wales and possibly visiting it? Too right!
Visit Wales heavily promoted the country during last year’s Ryder Cup because it was played at the Celtic Manor Resort near Newport. Yet in just 24 hours there have been 1,500 stories about yesterday’s semi-final in papers across the world not just rugby playing ones. So more of the world is aware of Wales. Now will Visit Wales follow up on this and turn the goodwill into visitors?

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