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The emotional heath warnings team?

Richard Branson is well known for courting publicity. Between Michael O’Leary at Ryanair and he it would be a tussle to see who generates more press coverage. And in his latest little approach, Branson has definitely taken the lead. On Virgin Atlantic flights, there will to be “emotional health warnings” before they show films on board!
Does it matter if there is a weepie? Or a comedy? Should there be warnings like “Be aware that this film is a comedy. You may laugh out loud and disturb other passengers” Or “Continuous sobbing during this film may cause babies to awaken.” Should this only be the beginning or providing us with more nanny-state features as we fly such as warnings about weeping whilst watching a sad film on your laptop may cause water to enter and fuse the components. How about a warning about resting you head against the window leads to vibrations in the ear which may cause short-term deafness?
In the airline magazine, there is usually a page that covers exercise to lessen the possibility of contracting DVT during a flight. This page will have to be expanded into a small book to cover all the eventualities that can be thought of now.
Enough said. Branson has his 30 seconds of fame on CD-Traveller this morning. And that’s 29 seconds more than this idiocy deserves.

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