Jordan, the Dead Sea and Attracting Visitors

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Jordan is one of the few countries that has produced a five year tourism plan this year. Many countries haven’t really updated their older versions. They have also started a major competition lasting 100 days to draw our attention to the Dead Sea.
Jordan is often seen as a heritage destination but increasingly they are promoting other features of the country, the mountains for example. Now the plan is to present the country as an all year destination but with an emphasis on the higher end of the market. Once again like Greece, Georgia and many other countries, the dash for more tourists is based on the fact that tourism is one of the few areas where expansion can give a quick boost to jobs. Jordan sees tourism as an ignition key to economic growth rather than a sideline.
Last year 8.2 million people visited the country. They are aiming for another million or so by creating twenty new tourist projects. One allied to this is the nomination of the Dead Sea as one of the new seven wonders of nature. There are twenty-eight areas vying for just the seven places. Will they win this accolade? It won’t be for want of trying. About a fortnight ago, they launched a 100 day campaign of publicity to make us all aware of the area largely by social media but also via traditional methods. Each day for the remaining 88 odd days they will have a competition running with prizes of Dead Sea products. There can’t have been many tourism campaigns that promise 100 prizes or run a competition for so long.
We all know the Dead Sea is exceptionally salty. This and the mineral rich water has been a magnet for visitors to luxuriate in the waters. Cleopatra and King Herod are two figures to have coming for the rejuvenating effects of the rich black mud. Some countries even allow their nationals to come there under their national health schemes. But the area is endangered as the waters dry up. The Jordanian government is planning a canal to take water into the landlocked Dead Sea so that the danger is reduced.

image courtesy of The Jordan Tourist Board

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