Twitter More Important Than Loyalty

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To tempt us to fly again with any airline, what would you think airlines would do? Some sort of loyalty scheme might be your thought as would be mine. But it looks as though having a Twitter account is more important.
From SimplyFlying’s Monthly Twitter Report which is compiled in conjunction with Eezeer comes the news that 179 airlines have loyalty schemes but 191 of them have accounts on Twitter. So twelve airlines prefer Twitter to keep the passengers happy rather than a loyalty scheme. It means that either the marketing people (who often jump on any new bandwagon) have prevailed or they believe that the service and attention to detail they provide is better than any loyalty scheme could be.
Is it just cynicism that makes me think that the marketing people won!
That they did could be concluded from the fact that just thirty airlines accounted for 84% of all the tweets in May. So 149 are tweeting fairly sporadically. In fact the report shows that 109 of the airlines have an account but don’t tweet at all. Yes, the marketeers won.
I wonder how many of the 109 don’t have a loyalty scheme at all. And are their passenger numbers declining or are they on monopoly routes? Or are they government owned so making money is an afterthought?
If you’re interested the airline that tweets the most is Delta. They are followed by TAM (the Brazilian airline) and KLM. Primarily, airlines are using Twitter to tell customers about their flights. From the passenger point of view, the airline that receives the most tweets is Delta followed by the no-frills airline, Air Asia. And what do we tweet to them? Customer service is the dominating topic and is mentioned eighteen more times than anything else. You can guess that it isn’t all praising the airline concerned.

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