Statue of Liberty Still There

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You might have been misled over the last few days if you saw stories about the Statue of Liberty closing. It’s doing no such thing. What is happening is that the interior of the statue will close so that new lifts can be installed and the fire standards will be upgraded. The final day for you to use the steps to climb to the top will be on its 125th anniversary; October 28th. The next day it closes and won’t re-open for a year.
But not that many people climb the steps. It is estimated that only about 15% do. Most just gaze at the iconic site from the passing ferries, boats or the grounds itself. So it doesn’t seem as though many people will be affected. Or notice. But from the way the press wrote the story, you’d have thought that the whole thing was off limits. The Guardian had “Statue of Liberty to close for a year for renovations” and the BBC said virtually the same thing. The Telegraph had “Statue of Liberty to close for 12 months” which was almost the headline in The Independent. The Belfast Telegraph had “Renovation closes Statue of Liberty.” Once your eyes had started looking at the article they revealed the truth but in some it was a long time coming. The Daily Mail waited till the fourth paragraph after an asinine earlier sentence about how the statue was not turning its back on democracy by its being shut down! And the New York Times waited till paragraph six! This is just hoodwinking us into reading almost an untrue story.
So unless you are one of the energetic few don’t worry. It’s still there for you to see. Along with the other delights of New York

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