Fare Potee and Marae

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Tahitian Dance Lesson

For those of you you unfamiliar with Tahitian (probably 99.9% of us) a fare potee is a chief’s hut and a marae is an ancient temple. Both of these are to be found at the Polynesian Cultural Center’s (PCC) island village of Tahiti in Laie on Hawaii.
These buildings mark another step in the renovation of the one of the complexes, the Tahitian island, that are in the 42 acre attraction. Only the family dwelling (fare taotoraa) and teh skirt hut (fare more) require work and then the whole village will be complete.
Why mention a village that has been reconstructed in Hawaii rather than suggesting you go to Tahiti? Because more people travel to Hawaii than go to Tahiti. What the PCC has done since it was founded almost half a century ago has been to preserve a lot of the traditions, crafts and arts of the Polynesian peoples. If you can afford both the time and the money to explore the fantastic islands spread across the Pacific Ocean then I would not dissuade you. But if you are limited by time and budget then a visit to the PCC will help fill the gap. Over 34 million people have visited the center since it was founded and, just as importantly, as a result of the entry fees that visitors pay, some 17,000 young people from Polynesia have been able to attend Brigham Young University-Hawaii.
Tahiti isn’t the only area from the south seas that is represented. As well there is Tonga, Samoa, the Marquesas, Fiji and Aotearoa. In addition there is an exhibition about Easter Island. Not to forget Hawaii of course. Whilst the PCC upholds the traditions of different Polynesian peoples, it has incorporated many newer methods of presentng that tradition which is probably why it is the most popular paid attraction in Hawaii. And has been for the last 34 years, a feat that very few attractions could claim.
Polynesia will always be linked to dance as seen in many Hollywood films or TV shows but this doesn’t always portray the truth. What you will see at the PCC is much closer to reality. And the colourful evening displays, their demonstrations and their appetising food presentations are what pulls the crowds.
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