Off to the USA

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In this week of our special concentration on the US, we start by looking at the likelihood of Brits travelling to the US this year. The US Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (OTTI) has just released its forecast for the rest of the year.
About half the trade that contribute figures to the OTTI reckon that about the same number of visitors as last year will go across the pond and one third of them think that it will grow. What is putting us off, it seems, is not price or the APD that we pay but the amount of advertising by other nations which is drawing our attention to them and away from the USA. What is needed is a strong promotion by individual states or the US as a whole.
This weekend is a holiday weekend in the US since July 4th is on Monday. It’s actually the 235th birthday and there are widespread celebrations. In Los Angeles, for example, there are fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, (where their celebration is called the Americafest) Redondo Beach and at the Los Alamitos military training base. As a change from fireworks they celebrate a Mr and Mrs Muscle Beach at Venice Beach and have a carnival atmosphere at Hansen Dam in the San Fernando Valley. If you consider being in America during celebrations for 4th July, then there will be plenty to see and do.
It is into California that Kate and Wills will go after their visit to Canada on 8th July. California Tourism has already declared this summer as “The Royal Summer” and you will see a campaign here this week advancing reasons why the state should be your next holiday destination. You’ll see it online, in the papers and there will be the odd competition for trips there so keep your eyes peeled.

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