Norway’s Longest TV Programme

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Bergen from the sea

After 134 hours of continuous television broadcasting, a Norwegian “programme” has just come to an end. It was longest in their TV history and managed to entice over a third of the viewing population of the country to watch it. Was it Norway’s Got Talent or their version of the X Factor? No it was more like Dancing With the Fjords as a ship slipped in and out of fjords and ports on a ferry trip northwards.
This was a continuous broadcast of the Nordnorge’s voyage from Bergen to Tromso. You might remember that last February, we ran a 12 day diary of the voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes on the Norwegian/Russian border and back in search of the northern lights so we can attest to the beauty of the landscape.
But the thought that a ferry voyage would prove such compulsive viewing must have surprised the makers. And delighted the tourist board. And the ferry company, Hurtigruten, who operate the service. But the interest wasn’t just contained to Norway. The German magazine, Der Spiegel, picked up the story and ran it as did the New Zealand Herald, the Washington Post, Metro and 300 other world-wide titles. The Korea Herald pointed out that it was a tourist promotion but did it begin that way? The producer said that it was to reconnect the people of Norway to their coastline which has influenced and dominated much of their culture and industry.
Whatever it was, the publicity this has brought the country is huge and must be viewed with envy by others!

UPDATE: The broadcast has now been officially recognised by the Guiness Book Of Records as the longest live TV documentary

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