Pot and Kettle

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My apologies. This story is two-weeks old but I missed it. Mea culpa. A reader spotted a press release on the Ryanair website and it really is just too good not to share with you.
Ryanair has objected to how Gatwick Airport has billed its fees and therefore it complained to the CAA. They have ruled that the airport used discriminatory charging for check-in facilities in that all airlines are charged for check-in yet the majority of Ryanair passengers check-in online. Fair enough. Why should the airline, or in this case we passengers, be charged for a service it doesn’t use and will it mean that Ryanair will reduce its fees?
But then comes the high point.
Ryanair “welcomed” the fact that the airports charges “were not transparent” and noted that the airport had been given until April 2012 to “implement transparent and non-discriminatory charges.” Now Ryanair complaining about transparency is rich. It took a long time for it to agree to revamp its website to make it appear more transparent. It doesn’t explain why it charges (it’s so-called administration fee) per passenger for credit charge bookings despite having only to pay a much smaller single transaction amount to the credit card companies. It doesn’t explain why it charges €100 for a name change when it must cost nothing like that to handle.
It charges a EU261 levy of £2 to handle any compensation claims. Does this mean that if I don’t claim compensation during the year, I will have this refunded because that’s what transparency means? According to Ryanair if a service isn’t used, it should be paid for. So I can safely look forward to getting my money back. Or will they let me have my £2 back but charge me a £10 administration fee to have it returned?
And they complain about Gatwick. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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