The Titanic Anniversary

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It starts today with the anniversary of the launch of the vessel at Harland & Wolff’s shipyard in Belfast and the opening of a new exhibition called TITANICa at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. But such has been the fame of the ill-fated ship that you wonder whether we have ever stopped celebrating the ship.
Just a few weeks after its sinking, a film was made starring an actress, Dorothy Gibson, who was one board the vessel. One website said she wore the same dress she wore on the ship. The White Star Line which owned the Titanic did much to stop films being made since it considered it might have damaged its reputation. A shame then, that it didn’t manage to have stopped the Lew Grade film in 1980 when he remarked about its cost that it would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic. When the last survivor, Millvina Dean died just three years ago tomorrow, it made headlines around the world.
TITANICa, which runs until the end of June has 35 items from the wreck including a part of the hull structure and a porthole as well as 500 items from the Museum’s own collection. Exhibitions and memorabilia about the ship commands lots of interest. An exhibition at the 02 in London runs until the end of July. There is a permanent exhibition at Branson in Missouri and one of the casinos in Las Vegas has an exhibition. Only recently a plan of the Titanic which was completed after the ship sank, sold for £220,000.
So the new Titanic exhibition centre in Belfast which is due to open next April should be a magnet for all those still fascinated by this single ship. Titanic’s appeal has dwarfed ships like the Queen Mary, the SS France and the Lusitania. But that isn’t the only place where there will be centenary celebrations. Liverpool will also hold a major exhibition at the maritime museum starting next April and a museum dedicated to the Titanic is due to open in Southampton. At Cobh in Ireland, the last port the Titanic stopped at before crossing the Atlantic, there is also a small museum.

image courtesy of Belfast City Council

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