Fingerprinting for Malaysian Visitors

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Kuala Lumpur

If you have flown into Malaysia in the last week or so, then you might have found it takes a little longer to get through passport control. This is because the authorities have introduced the fingerprinting of both index fingers as part of the checking of who is entering the country.
It isn’t happening at all airports yet but it is certainly at Kuala Lumpur and, from June 1st, should be in place at all airports. Why? Because it is claimed that there are 2 million people working illegally in the country and this is an attempt to substantially reduce that number. Those caught overstaying their visit or any other offence would be prevented from re-entry to Malaysia.
This shouldn’t affect the normal holidaymaker or traveller other than adding some extra time onto how long they spend at airports. Anyone going to the US will be used to such a system. How long it takes to get through depends entirely on how many people are in the queue to go through the control area and how many officials are working that shift.
Will fingerprinting extend to other countries? It is tempting to say yes because there are other Asian countries that have a similar problem with illegal immigrants. Thailand immediately springs to mind. But no announcements have been made and probably these countries are waiting to see how the system goes in Malaysia.
In the meantime add a bit more time to your journey if you are visiting Malaysia. Just in case.
image courtesy of Malaysian Tourist Board

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