Carrying Liquids on Flights

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You might remember that CD-Traveller announced that there would be some changes in what you were allowed to carry as hand luggage. Forget it. No change is going to happen in the foreseeable future.
Because European nations can’t agree amongst themselves and the EU has decided that every country must sign up to a change in the rules to make it work. One says no and they think it would be too confusing for the passengers. The element that they planned to remove was the carrying of duty free liquids through transit airports. Let’s say you’re flying from Turkey back to this country and you have to change flights in another airport before you arrive back home. At that airport where you change flights, if you bought any alcohol or perfumes, drinks or any other liquid that exceeds the 100 ml limit, you probably will have your products confiscated. The idea behind the EU’s change was that, having bought them at one duty free store in the airside part of the airport you had been security screened. When you stopped in a transit lounge you were kept apart from other travellers so it would be very unlikely that the liquids would have been tampered with. So, no need for confiscation.
It seems that some governments – the UK included – said they would still carry out checks and confiscate so the whole idea fell apart.
The existing rules apply so don’t buy duty free or other liquids exceeding 100mls until you are at the last airport where you have a direct flight into the UK. Or buy them when you arrive in this country. That way you will be safe from officials taking them from you.

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