Now flybe Adds a Fuel Surcharge

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Now flybe have joined the number of airlines who have recently introduced increases in fuel surcharges. Following on from BA’s £10 increase a couple of weeks ago, flybe has added £3 per fare for bookings where the flight occurs after September 1st. In the grand scheme of things this is a relatively modest increase and it doesn’t take place until after the main summer season is over.
They have also said that they will remove the surcharge if the price of oil drops below $75 a barrel for a consecutive period of 28 days. And there’s the sting. The surcharge may be low but will oil ever get to that level? Even after yesterday’s $12 drop it is still hovering around $100 a barrel and overnight there has been a slight increase. Some analysts believe that the oil price will weaken further but another $25? Many would say that the flybe surcharge is here to stay.
Over half of flybe’s passengers are leisure and they are the ones who will be more aware than the business ones of price increases. Personally, I have never found flybe to be that competitive on the routes I tend to fly anyway so it might be that their passengers won’t notice the increase. But the number of passengers travelling with them has dropped by 4%. Their share price fell as a result. But BA when it announced its figures saw an increase in passenger numbers of 3% but suggestions are that this is amongst business flyers.
For those of us not on company bank accounts, it seems we are being more careful with our money. Attracting us back on to their flights means, usually, sales. No airline wants to do that in any big way as the peak season approaches. But come September time, if things are still the way then, and fuel surcharges remain at these levels, expect to see the leisure passenger wooed. If you fancy holding off a holiday till the Autumn, you might be able to make quite a saving.

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