Off to the Beaches.

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Littlehampton Beach

I have a short memory and that might be why I can’t remember the last time we had such good weather forecast for an Easter weekend. Such good weather in fact that the beaches are sure fire bets for visitors. Only a day or so ago, a person from Weston-super-Mare was being interviewed on BBC Breakfast saying that he had never seen so many people on the beach so early in the season. So take little notice then of the report on our beaches that came out earlier this week from the Marine Conservation Society.
Because few media reports pointed out that the research was conducted last September, a full seven months ago. I’m not decrying the research or the society. At the time it was completed it probably was accurate. But in seven months lots can change. Things can have improved or declined. Deciding whether to go to which beach or not shouldn’t be made based on old information. And what the heck. The weather is going to be good so go and find out for yourself.
At the time the research covered 376 beaches and nearly 5,000 volunteers help clean our beaches over a September weekend. The conclusion from the society was that litter had increased to nearly 2,000 items per kilometre. In many ways the amount of litter doesn’t matter. What matters is that people take their litter with them or deposit it in bins. And if you think there aren’t enough bins, complain either to the council, the local media or us. None of us want scruffy beaches; none of us want beaches to be condemned for having health risks and none of us want to be deterred from visiting one. So it is up to all of us who go to take responsibility for what we bring.
In the research, Wales was highlighted as having the most rubbish collected per kilometre. Does this mean that the Welsh or visitors to Welsh beaches are the most uncaring? Not necessarily. It could be that more rubbish was washed up onto the beaches; that more volunteers were available and collected more or that the volunteers covered the area more carefully.
So don’t be put off by anything you have read. Good and enjoy the weekend at the beach if that’s what you are planning to do. But take your rubbish away with you. And next September 17th/18th join a group on the Beachwatch Big Weekend and help clean up a beach.

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