Easter Strikes on BA Called Off

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Many of us cynical types were expecting that there would be strikes by the cabin crew at British Airways over the easter period and maybe at the time of the long weekend of the Royal Wedding as well. But it seems as though negotiations between BA and the Unite union are getting somewhere as there has been an announcement that there will be no strikes over this period.
But it might be short-lived. What has happened is that the union needed to announce the dates of the strikes by today. BA has waived this part of the rule and agreed that the union can have a further 28 days to decide on the dates. Which now means that any strikes announced would be in May at the earliest. That’s the gloomy side.
On the positive, it means that both BA and Unite, who both have new men in charge, are talking to each other sufficiently, amiably by the sound of it, for both sides to agree to this announcement. That’s good news for the passengers since neither carries the baggage (to coin a pun) or the history that the previous two had. But the vote for strike action was overwhelming and few of us thought that strikes were not inevitable. So maybe the ballot has made both sides have a good rethink about the effect that this would have on an airline beset by increasing aviation price increases which have been passed on to passengers. In turn, this has caused passengers to think twice before booking. If a strike came its possible that the twin pressures could cause more redundancies amongst BA staff particularly at Heathrow where the impact would have been widely felt. Maybe both sides realise what passengers have known for a while. Strikes don’t provide confidence to passengers who, provided there is an alternative, will go elsewhere. And once passengers go and get used to another airline, its not easy to encourage them back.

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