Climate Week Begins

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These days it seems as though each week has been used by some group of other to try and get publicity. National Sausage Week has come and gone and last week was British Tourism Week. This week is Climate Week. If you immediately said to yourself what on earth has this to do with my travelling then you only have to think back to last year. For a few weeks, flights were severely disrupted, not just in Europe but around the world as the knock on effect took place of the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Then there were the snowstorms that hit us in February, November and December 2010 and the impact that caused on rail and air travel not to mention motoring. Germany, Netherlands, France parts of Spain and Italy were all affected by the same storms. Then the USA had vast amounts of snow in the north east late last year and earlier this year as well. In Indonesia there were no fly zones close to some volcanic activity there and south west Japan has some volcanic action at present. There was widescale flooding in Queensland, Northern NSW and Victoria in Australia, as well as Philippines, Colombia, Madeira, South Africa, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia. And those are just the ones I remember.

So the impact of climate on our travel plans is important at least and vital at most. As Terry Wogan said in the Ireland TV series he fronted, “You don’t come to Ireland for the weather.” But we do go to the Canaries, the Balearics, Spain, Portugal and Greece for the sun. Without it, the appeal would diminish a bit.

In Manchester this week, the Weather Club will be out and about providing information and awareness, so if you’re nearby and have a question, look out for them. Elsewhere, look out for events in your community.

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