CADW and St David’s Day

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Next Tuesday is the day when Welsh across the world will celebrate their Welshness maybe not with the same marketing skills that has seen St Patrick’s Day take over the world on the 17th of the month but with the same fervour at least. David has been a saint, as recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, for 991 years and March 1st seems to be the date when he died 1,422 years ago.
And this year, as in the past, CADW (for those of you outside Wales, this is the body that looks after some of Wales’s our greatest buildings and sites) is allowing free entry into its properties. In all that means 129 properties. All of its monuments will be free on that day which, unfortunately, is a Tuesday this year so many people will be at work or school and unable to take advantage of the offer. One that will be open will be the Bishop’s Palace itself in St Davids in Pembrokeshire. So important was St Davids in medieval times that even William the Conqueror made a pilgrimage there. But that was long before the Bishop’s Palace was constructed.
Those that can choose from include any of 44 castles like Caernarfon, Harlech, Beaumaris, Caerphilly, Oxwich or even the Victorian folly of the Marquess of Bute’s, Castell Coch ,just off the M4. . During medieval days Wales had some major and significant religious houses. Visit one of them such as Strata Florida, Valle Crucis, Tintern and Neath Abbeys. For something quite different go to Brithdir St Mark’ s near Dolgellau which is designed at the time of the arts and crafts movement. . When did you last see a church with red walls and a blue ceiling? Admire the wooden carvings of a kingfisher, a dolphin and a rabbit plus other animals.
And there will be other buildings open on the day. The CADW website contains a list of all their properties. Just click on CADW

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