Plastic Bags at Airports

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As most of you are aware, you need to put liquids, gels and thing like lipsticks into plastic bags before you go through security at airports. At BAA airports (Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh) as well as Gatwick, Inverness, Cardiff, Leeds Bradford, Humberside and the two Belfast airports you don’t have to pay if you’ve forgotten a plastic bag. But at Birmingham, East Midlands, Luton, Manchester and Newcastle you pay. yes, you actually pay for a plastic bag. And it’s spreading.
Liverpool tried to introduce the idea of payment but thankfully dropped the idea. Newquay which was in the forefront of introducing airport development fees hasn’t introduced a plastic bag charge nor has Norwich, Durham Tees Valley or Blackpool the other airports that charge similar fees. But Dublin has a machine dispenser (a bit like a bubble gum machine) that charges for bags.
Overseas the position varies. In some places in the USA, they don’t have bags available and you are expected to bring your own or throw all your items away. At Chicago’s O’Hare airport, some individual airlines keep some bags under the counter so to speak, in case a passenger needs one. But they aren’t freely available. At Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, you don’t need to pay nor do you at the two Paris airports, Charles de Gaulle or Orly. At Schipol you can use any old small plastic bag. One person had one that wasn’t even resealable, just scrunched up at the opening.
CD-Traveller reported last year that having limits on liquids in hand baggage is to be phased out from this April. So the plastic bags will go as well. And the charges. But until it finally happens, take you own bags and if you are passing through an airport that provides free bags, grab a couple as spares.

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