The Hitler Exhibition

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You’ve probably heard the news about this exhibition opening in Berlin in Germany. Called “Hitler and the Germans: Nation and Crime” it is the first time since the end of WW2 that such an exhibition has occurred there which focuses directly on Hitler. Yes, there have been other exhibitions and in one way this continues that theme. It is of guilt and has been accompanied by much wringing of hands as to whether it should have been put on at all. Would it just give right wingers a focus? CD-Traveller was going to write about it when it opened but we hesitated and thought we would wait and see what impact it had. Now we know. It made the media around the world but a few days later was newsdead.
Would you go?
We are often accused of being fixated by the war and you could believe that if you were an avid view of the TV channel, Yesterday. Others say we should move on. But what of Germany? Der Spiegel ran two articles about it. Other newspapers also gave it wide coverage. 4,000 people went on the first day to the German History Museum and queued for over an hour to get in. Visitors now are in the tens of thousands. Across the city at the Stadtmuseum, a new exhibition of photographs showing the changing face of the buildings there including the effect of the war attracted fewer people. At the same time, the opening in Los Angeles of a museum about the holocaust which merged four different sites into one got very little publicity outside California.
Why? It’s the man’s name. That is what attracts crowds just as it did when he was alive.

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