Playing Trains in Your Hotel Room

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Whilst the Washington Hotel in Tokyo, might appeal to some people I am not so sure that there may be marriages and families that couldn’t be thoroughly upset if they had to stay in this hotel. Why? Because the Washington has just installed a train set in one of its hotel rooms. You can bring your own engines or hire one from about £8. There is only one room at the moment and it is well booked out, but could this be the start of whole new range of features to entice us to stay in hotels?
If a hotel can charge double the normal room rate (and not have to discount from the published price) then other hotels may follow. Anything to increase profits. We could have the Nene Valley Railway sponsoring rooms at a local Peterborough hotel, for example, with models of their trains and then they could get a two for the price on one offer to visit their railway. In Chatham, the Royal Naval Dockyard can sponsor hotel rooms with outsize baths so that you can play with an array of boats. And you’ll get some discounted tickets to the Dockyard.
What began in my mind as a piece poking fun at the idea may have a more serious element. Too many hotels seem sterile and boring having similar bedspreads, facilities and food. Why not link to local tourist attractions and offer themed rooms? In the Highlands, you could have a walk supported by computer simulation that would take you through various paths pointing out plant, animal and sightseeing features as you go. It would be for those days where the weather is foul and an outdoor walk doesn’t appeal. A Torquay hotel could have a mystery Agatha Christie room where you stayed in a room and solved a crime from the clues that are there. This is just a slight extension of the popular murder weekend breaks but for people who want something more. How about a link with, say, the Beamish Museum in Durham where a room is a replica of a Victorian shop or house. But not with a hotel nearby. Have it in a hotel 200 miles away so that it whets the appetite of the person to go to Beamish at a later stage. Not everyone can get to the Tower of London so a few hotels around our countries can have themed links and entry discounts off the real thing provided they go in the next 2 years.
Obviously you can go too far. You wouldn’t want a room sponsored by the Loch Ness Visitors Centre. Who knows what you’d find in your bath.

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