The Good and the Bad

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Let’s start with the good news.
It could be that the Icelandic volcano which has caused so much grief to air travellers over the last 2 months has stopped erupting. Experts say that the volcano has gone quiet. It would be nice if it was quiet for the next 100 years.
Just after I left the largest US trade travel conference, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it hoped that the I-94 green/white forms that visitors have to fill in would be done away with by the end of the Summer. This means that you will only have to complete the ESTA requirements online. You still might have thought they would have announced it during the conference so the 350 journalists and countless thousand delegates from all over the world would know about it asap. Instead they waited 24 hours.
Now the bad.

The British Airways Heathrow based cabin crew are striking again as from this morning and it is scheduled to last until June 9th apart from the odd day in between. Even when this strike phase ends this week, planes will be out of position so the effect is likely to rumble on until the next one. During the last strike, one of our readers, Ian, wrote a justification from the cabin crew’s standpoint. (see CD-Traveller 5th February) From the airline’s point-of-view
you will have seen that on the television and in the papers. From the passenger’s point-of-view, it is inconvenient (I still haven’t remembered to claim for my last cancelled flight since I’ve been away.) and, in some cases, holidays and trips will be ruined as some won’t be able to be rescheduled. And from the tourism point-of-view, it may have an effect in the short term. As for the long term, who can tell.

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