Going to the World Cup?

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It is a truth universally accepted by the visitor that if there is an attractive event, then locals will load the prices of accommodation, travel, airfares and everything else to try and make even more money.  Air fares during the BA strike for example, seemed a lot higher than had been quoted previously by rival airlines. Accommodation prices for the Ryder Cup in south east Wales were, how shall I put this, fully explored for maximum benefit for some providers a little while ago but is now becoming a bit more realistic.

And the same seems to be the case in South Africa. One villa, according to Fleewinter the specialist accommodation provider, wanted to charge £3500+ per night for a villa that slept 12. The minimum rental was 5 days making the total cost £17,500. And you still had to pay for airfares and food and local travel on top. That works out at just under £1,500 per person just to share a room! Another wanted to charge £17,685 for a villa sleeping 18. Talk about taking the Michael.

We aren’t all made of money. We don’t all have the cash of Elton John although we may share the same football fanaticism but equally we aren’t mugs. It is no surprise the to see that there is enough accommodation going begging for hoteliers and other suppliers to have to start dropping their prices now that the world cup is getting closer. According to Fleewinter, prices are coming down. The accommodation mentioned above has dropped to £1,768 a day from the £3,500 and to £8,840 from the £17,685. So some prices have nearly halved. Doesn’t that just tell you that they got the pricing wrong in the first place? No, it says they were too greedy and thought that there would be enough suckers who would pay those outrageous prices.

 It is nice to see that there aren’t. They deserve to have most of the accommodation left on the hands, entirely empty during the World Cup

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