Air Security Changes

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Following the attempted attack on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit it will come as no surprise to any of you that’s security at airports and on planes has been increased.
You can expect to take longer going through security as more hand searches are carried out. Don’t be surprised when you gate to the actual gate to find that a hand pat security check may also take place. Instead of it happening on just a few flights, as is done at the present, you can expect it to occur more often particularly on flights going to the US.

It also appears that the airlines are tightening up on the number of items you can take into the cabin. The notional limit is one but many airlines have turned a blind eye to this. Now there are reports that only one bag will be allowed and that includes any duty free bags. It might be useful to have one of those bags that folds flat but when opened up in pretty large. Then, after going through security, you can pack any duty free and your single bag that you brought through security into just the one bigger bag.

Last August, I think, the US relaxed rules on carrying lighters on planes. I think you can expect that to be re- imposed. This year they were hoping to relax the rules on the amount of liquids you can carry on board. That may not now happen. Some media reports say that blankets and pillows have been withdrawn so that the cabin crew can see anything that might be on your lap so be prepared not to necessarily find these on your seat on long haul journeys. The “backscatter” machines that suposedly take an almost nude scan of your body might be more introduced more widely since these are reputed to be able to pick up anything that might be attached to your body.

So for at least the foreseeable future you ought to consider getting to the airport earlier than you previously might have done. Expect more security checks and expect your flights to be delayed as security systems around the world try to cope with the additional checks that will be imposed.

UPDATE.  3.01.2010 The British Government has announced that body scanners will be more widely intorduced. Heathrow has said they will have them there as soon as practicable. Manchester has been trialling a bodyscanner for some time. 


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