The Christmas Getaway Begins

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Around here the schools have just broken up and kids are everywhere. But so are cars heavily laden with luggage so it is obvious that some people are leaving tonight for the Christmas break. Maybe they are all trying to travel before even more snow comes over the weekend.

ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) claims that today and next Wednesday will be two busiest days on the roads or at railway stations, airports and ferry terminals as people make the way off for the break. They estimate that 3 million us will be heading away of the Christmas period. This number is about the same as last year so our appetite for a break seems as strong as ever.  Now that the British Airways strike has been put on hold for a while, the only unfortunate ones who may have their Christmas break upset will be those who booked on flyGlobespan.

By far and away, Heathrow is the place to avoid if you aren’t going away. It is estimated some 1.5 million people, half of all the number of travellers that there will be will be using this airport.  Gatwick will see an extra 500,000 people, Stansted, 400,000 and Manchester, a quarter of a million. 150,000 are due to fly from Glasgow and just over 100,000 from Edinburgh. This may prove to be on the optimistic side given flyGlobespan. Then there are the 400,000 who will cross the channel by train, ferry or the tunnel.

And where are we off to? The warmth of Egypt, the Canaries and Turkey seems to be attracting us but with early good snow in France, Switzerland and the Alps, the number of last minute skiers seems to be up as well.

For the rest of us who are staying at home, looking outside my window, we might still have a white Christmas!

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