The Battle for Britain

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No this isn’t the heroics of airmen in 1940, this is what Tourism Ireland has called their campaign on persuading us to visit Ireland in 2010. And they are putting their money where their mouths are. They will be spending nearly €13 million, (say £11.5 million) to get us to go there. And that doesn’t including smaller sums that Dublin and other places might spend.

This is a big campaign by any standards and one factor surely behind it is the downturn that Ireland suffered during 2009. But Ireland has a number of hurdles to overcome not the least of which is how expensive Ireland has become over the years. Dublin is now seen as more expensive than London so to address that head on is a fairly brave affair. One of the key themes of the advertising that will hit us just after Christmas is a price led campaign stressing value for money.

And they seem to be taking a leaf out of the Scottish Homecoming campaign of this year. They plan to make St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) much larger than usual with more events (is that possible?) than usual. To get us to go they will be persuading the travel trade first and hoping that they will be able to sell it to us. Part of the approach can be seen already because County Clare has set up a website,, which has special promotions, discounts off attractions and accommodation and even shopping discounts.. It all comes back to pointing out that Ireland is good value.

So as well as the usual holiday advertising that will hit us in the new year, you’ll hear lots of things about Ireland. In January when the consumer travel show start properly, CD-Traveller will be in both Dublin and Belfast at the Holiday Show (click on upcoming events on the home page for dates/prices) to let you know more about Ireland.


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