Spain Encourages More of us to Visit

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Over the summer we have heard a lot about the decline in the numbers of people travelling to Spain and its islands. Nonetheless, Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canaries are still the most popular destinations for us when we go abroad. Given all year round warm weather, the Canaries are popular throughout the year. Now the Balearics, (Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca) are trying to convince us that they are winter destinations as well.

The three main Balearic islands had a 12% drop in visitors this year from the UK and more in the case of Ireland.  Now they are pushing for more of us to visit the islands when special events are being held or just to enjoy the sports facilities that have been built there. Recently, Rafael Nadal was used to push that message to the travel trade.

In mainland Spain, the Costa del Sol is still the main attraction. Were they affected? Yes for straight package holidays but for those of you who preferred villas, it seems as though the trend was reversed. One company, Owners Direct, says that enquiries for villas there rose by 40% to over 200,000 enquiries. So maybe some of us aren’t rejecting Spain. We’re just switching from package holidays to villas where prices can be cheaper.

The key to how many of us travel to Spain next summer will be what sort of offers will the Spanish be able to attract us with and how will they compete with prices offered by the “newer” big kids on the block, Turkey and Egypt?

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