Happier Holidaying in the UK?

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This week, Which? Holiday has released the results of its survey on holiday satisfaction. The good news is that just over half of us are happy with the holiday and the service we received. When it comes to those taking holidays in the UK, the level of satisfaction rose to about 60%.
Now why should that be?

Is holiday customer service better in the UK than overseas? Do we feel because we speak the same language we believe that if an issue arose it can be resolved more easily? Do we just bask in the familiarity of being in our own country in terms of food, shopping and the like?
There has to be something behind this because in my experience, generally, holiday customer satisfaction abroad is better than in the UK.

A little while ago, I did some research for a tourist group and to all our surprise, we had a similar result when we broke down the survey responders into those that holidayed abroad and those that had holidayed overseas. So just as if one survey shows something you have difficulty believing you tend to treat it cautiously, if you get two then you begin to believe.
So are we happier holidaying in the UK? Any ideas would be welcome.

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