Anglo-Saxon Gold in Birmingham

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Unless you have been asleep for the last week you will know that an amateur metal detector found a magnificent hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold in a field in Staffordshire last July. The finds, amounting to over 1500, have been partially cleaned and experts are drooling over quite what this means and how it explains what idiots over the years have called the Dark Ages. Dark they certainly weren’t and this treasure shows how capable they were at working metals and how artistic they were as well.

Now you can see some of the hoard for yourselves but you need to be quick.  The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery in Chamberlain Square has put some of them on display but, as I said, go quickly as they will only be on display until the 13th October before they are shipped off to the British Museum in London for the experts to start trying to understand what has been found. In the first 3 days that the exhibition has been open, 10,500 people have visited the museum so be warned; there will be queues and the museum may stop people visiting the exhibit before the normal closing time just so that people can get around.

Now the task is to understand what has been found and to keep them in the Midlands.  It probably is going to take a seven figure sum to acquire these so a donation would be greatly appreciated by the museum.  For more information about the treasure, they already have a website,

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