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Fly first classHeading off on your hols this month?  Only a fortunate few get to fly first class, but take heart; even if you’re in economy (and lets face it, that’s most of us) you can still travel like an A lister. CD Traveller shows you the way to go…

1. Look the part
Classy and comfortable are the key words. Think preppy classics such as Gap’s much-coveted chinos and khakis in muted shades, or – the latest craze – leggings: Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been spotted wearing leggings to fly.  If you want to step off your flight looking fresh, avoid fabrics which crease easily like linen. Make like the A listers and don a baseball cap or bandanna – great for ‘plane hair.’ A pair of oversized sunglasses is another flight essential, covering a multitude of sins. Finally, to reduce jet lag at your destination visit for your own individually tailored guide to getting over jet lag fast and for free!

2. Bag the best seat
Flying first class – especially in these recessionary times – might not be an option, but asking for a seat near the emergency exit is. If your request is granted, you’re guaranteed extra leg room. Alternatively try to score an aisle seat as opposed to a window one, so that you can stretch your legs.

3. Perfect your packing
Can’t afford that Louis Vuitton luggage? At least make yours stand out. Banish boring black and buy a bright case that is instantly recognizable on the carousel. Alternatively attach an attractive label to your booty. Meanwhile hide battered passports in attractive holders – Stanfords ( has a great selection.

4. Drink up
Don’t drink caffeine and alcohol during your flight – they only dehydrate you. Instead drink water before and during your journey but pace yourself – no one wants to spend the whole flight frequenting the washroom.

5. Bring your own food
Time to face facts: plane food is far from healthy and celebrity frequent flyers (that’s you Posh) wouldn’t be caught dead devouring the fatty in-flight meals served up in economy. Hollywood heavyweights often pre-order special meals or else bring their own chef on board (yes really). Follow in their footsteps by bringing your own food on the flight; oat cakes with a little peanut butter and fruit are both healthy options that will keep you feeling full for longer.

6. Creature comforts
Style savvy stars never travel without a pashmina (to wrap around themselves on the flight should arctic air conditioning prevail) and an eye mask which seals out all light to ensure they get sufficient shut eye to step off the plane looking radiant rather than ragged.

7. Be loyal
Show loyalty to an airline and they’ll show loyalty to you. For instance the more you travel with one airline, the more likely they are to upgrade your seat or make you an elite member. This means that you get to use the short VIP line to check in.

8. Put Airport Assistance on speed dial
Celebs never ever have to wait in a security line and, for a small fee, neither will you. Airport Assistance is a private meet and greet service and a godsend for anyone wanting to travel like a star. These guys will assist with check in and take you to the First Class security line before ushering you into a private airline lounge until it is time for you to take to the skies. Airport Assistance serves over 140 airports, including most major US and European cities, with rates from a not unreasonable $95. Find out more at:

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