The Growth of Staycationing

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There was a lot of comment earlier that this year that a lot of people would stay at home and have day trips.
This seems to be happening so certain places seem to be doing well as we visit them. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that historic houses on the eastern side of the country are doing well and now there is evidence that two other attractions are doing well.

You will know by now that the Edinburgh Festival has started and bookings are up on this time last year. The same seems to be happening with theatres in the west end of London. Not only are audiences up but they seem to have achieved with increased takings above and beyond the increase in seat bookings. So either the ice cream tubs, the programmes and interval drinks are selling well or they are managing not to discount on the seat prices. Apparently in the first six months of the year, nearly 1.9 million people saw a play whilst musicals were the biggest draw. Last year 13 million people attended a west end performance which is a figure higher than some countries get!

But it is not only these events that have seen good numbers. Considering it was dicey as to whether it would even continue the number of people attending last weekend’s Brecon Jazz was good as was the number of people attending the National Eisteddfod in Bala.

And as for this coming weekend? Well I’m off to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition which ends this Sunday. As for a holiday, I think that’s gone by the board for a few months so I’m joining the rest of the staycationers

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