Haggling for Your Holiday

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When you buy your holiday do you pay the asking price? Do you shop around first?
The reason I ask is that there is another survey out, this time from Visa, those wonderful credit card people, who claim that from their survey of 1,077 people that 22% of us negotiate on the price and only 11% accepting the first price they are offered.

I am surprised they found as many as 11% who took the first price. Just about everyone I know has a check around to see what is on offer and then compares prices. Then, if the travel trade press is to be believed, quite a lot say that they won’t book with a travel agent because they found it cheaper on the internet. Others will go to a couple of travel agents and see what can be done in the way of savings.

We are talking about a big expense here. Why should anyone accept the first price? Unless you want a certain hotel at a certain week in a certain country because of school holidays or something you have the upper hand. We are always told that flexibility is the key?

As for haggling; you do it with cars, why not with holidays. If you want to go to Majorca or another popular destination, there will be lots of tour operators offering virtually the same but with price differences. The role of the travel agent is to get you the best deal. If you feel they can’t try and put the package of flight and accommodation yourself remembering that an ATOL bonded travel agent gives you protection that you won’t have if you book both parts separately.

So the only surprise in this survey, if it is representative of all of us holidaymakers, is that 88% don’t haggle!

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