Passport Fees: Only a Month To Go

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This is just a reminder. A reminder that the government has raised the price of passports to 77 pounds from 3rd September. This is a rise of just over 5 pounds but is the third such rise over the last few years.

Given that it takes a few weeks to get a new passport through at this time of year, if you passport is coming up for renewal in the next year you might want to consider applying early and saving yourself a fiver. A child’s passport will go up by 3 pounds and the jumbo one goes up by just over a fiver as well.

This is the first increase for 23 months and the way the passport office speaks you’d have thought
it was through cost efficiencies that they have managed to keep the increase to only about 8%. That inflation hasn’t gone up by 8% over the last two years doesn’t seem to have occurred to them. No it seems that at the moment, the government has decided that raising money from travel is a good idea so they are doing everything they can to milk us travellers dry. Not only has the cost of a passport gone up but the ATOL levy on holidays has gone up and in November the hated air passenger duty will rise. And again in 2010. If the advertising of flights was more open you wouldn’t ever see offers of flights for a pound, a fiver or even a tenner.

At least with a passport, you can evade the price hike by getting now. But don’t wait. A new passport application I made has already taken 2 weeks and I have only just got the old clipped passport back. The new one is still in the system!

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