So Where Are We Going This Summer?

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All the schools have broken up now. My local rail carpark is only about half full and the 7.30am traffic jam no longer exists. That means that some of you have already started your holidays.
So are you holidaying in this country, having a staycation or are you going abroad after all? We are going to have to wait a little while to see where you have actually gone as opposed to where you said you would go.
But there is one guide to what is happening and that comes from the bureaux de change. Knowing which currency has been bought gives a pretty good indication of where you are going and the Post Office has come up with some information.
It looks as though more of you than we thought are going abroad after all. According to them, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt and Indonesia (well Bali really) are doing well in comparison to previous years and now that the pound is performing better against the euro, we are increasingly looking at the traditional places like Greece, Spain and Italy again. Turkey was always going to do well and so it has proved top be since £1 buys over 8% more than it did a year ago.
But Kenya is the big surprise. Currency sales have nearly trebled. After the disputed election and the problems there over a year ago, some people thought it might take a while for tourism to recover. It has bounced back faster than thought although Tanzania and Botswana are seeing increases as well.
Thailand also performed well but that might be a blip given the recent news about scamming at Bangkok Airport. (see our feature page)
More importantly the strength of sterling has come at the right time. It is up 15% since the lows of January. Just right for the holiday season.

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