Just an Hour to France by Ferry… Or Channel Monster.

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June 6th sees the start of the new high speed ferry service from Dover to Boulogne by LD Lines’ new ferry, Norman Arrow (sounds like a character out of Last of the Summer Wine!) The 11,000 ton catamaran becomes the largest ferry ever to sail on the route and will be capable of travelling at 40 knots with 1,200 passengers and 417 cars. At that speed it will take just an hour for the crossing. That also means that there will be more return crossings per day;- an extra four so potentially there are another 4800 passengers that can be carried each day in each direction.
Last year 2.8 million cars passed through Dover. The fuel increases and the weaker pound don’t seem to have hit Britons travelling across a great deal but it has meant that traffic from the continent to us has grown
Eurostar has been having greater numbers as well so it is not just ferries that are taking the traffic from airlines. You have to wonder whether you need an airline service from the south east of England given that the train/ferry service is so good.
The Norman Arrow was built in Tasmania in Australia and sailed to the UK. During its three week voyage
somebody decided that it would be a good bit of publicity if they concocted a monster idea and loaded the
results on You Tube. The English Channel’s equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster wasn’t exactly a runaway
success but some say any publicity is good publicity. Certainly there were enough people who seemed to have
taken photographs and posted these images on websites.
Well monster a la Loch Ness or not, the Norman Arrow looks to be another fast way to get to France.

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