Bournemouth and the Weather

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You might remember last Monday. Bank Holiday Monday.
It was dry in the south east where I was. Well until early evening when the heavens began to open.
The weather forecast for the day in England was for rain spreading from the south west.
Now in Bournemouth it stayed fine all day. If fact it was pretty warm at 22 degrees. And that’s the problem. According to Mark Smith, Head of Tourism at Bournemouth Council it should have had thundery showers in the Bournemouth area. Because the public was expecting rain, a lot of them stayed away. 25,000 fewer people came compared to the numbers the tourism people were expecting. According to Mr Smith, that equates to a loss of revenue of more than a million pounds.
Mr Smith obviously believes that the Great British Public believes the weather forecast. We might watch it to get an idea of what is happening but to believe that we totally set our life by it is an extraordinary claim to make.
There could be other reasons. The entertainment in Bournemouth might not have been appealing that day. Other nearby events could have been more attractive. The thought of facing the A27 and the other roads into Bournemouth might have been a deterrent.
But by blaming the weather forecasters, Mr Smith has a ready-made excuse to explain the fall in numbers.
Just a thought.
How well was the bank holiday weekend promoted by Bournemouth? Or did the tourism people think that visitors would come because they always do.

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