Strange Stories from a Frequent Flyer

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There is a column in the Financial Times written by Tyler Brule, the editor of a magazine called Monacle which I must confess to knowing nothing about. But I was flying to an American trade convention called PoW Wow (yes I know that it sounds strange and has nothing to do with American natives but I didn’t call it that) and they were handing out copies of the FT. Mr Brule writes a regular column which you can see at
Use the link and read it. He lives in a different world from most of us seemingly being a real international jetsetter. Nonetheless his comments are the sort of things any of us could overhear. His story of an overheard conversation at Los Angeles airport and the questions about a strip search are all to real. The story about an American Airlines flight to Honolulu and how the cabin crew altered their usual staid uniforms to brighten up the flight is different and more worthy of the adventurous spirit of South West Airlines.
Anyway it was a diverting read so if you fancy a regular dose of the thoughts an experiences of a real frequent traveller have a look at his columns on the FT website

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