Fancy a Day Trip To France?

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You know the holiday season has begun properley when the strikes start.
For the last few days French fisherman have blockaded ferry ports in Northern France in protest against cod and sole quotas. They could blockade their own ministry in Paris or the EU in Brussels but lining ships across harbour entrances seems more in their line. So British holidaymakers in France and French holidaymakers in Britain trying to return home are held up through no fault of their own as are hundreds of lorries either side of the channel.
One union leader has even suggested that the chunnel be blocked in solidarity with their “colleagues” and threatened to start it today. MEP’s from differing parties have been trotted out to say what a bad thing this disruption is.
And this happened last year and has happened before that going back at least to the early 1990’s.
So why aren’t the authorities prepared? I can pretty well suggest where strikes will be over the summer because they happen like clockwork. And all timed to inconvenience holidaymakers.
I am aware that the blockade was lifted by the fishermen to allow some ferries to sail but it was just as swiftly reimposed. The French courts have threatened fines if the blockade isn’t lifted but will any notice be taken of them?
Quotas won’t be raised for French fishermen. That would upset other countries with fishing fleets so the only alternative seems to be for the French government to increase it’s financial subsidy or whatever expression they like to use so the EU can live with it. Or deal with the fishermen by removing their boats. What do you think will happen?
Well at least Eurostar, Le Shuttle and the airlines are seeing an upturn in business but the poor holidaymaker still takes the brunt.

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