It’s British Tourism Week

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British Tourism Week starts today.
You might wonder why such a week exists at all. After all we don’t have a British Banking Week or a British Car Week so why should one industry be singled out.
One reason is that tourism is not seen as an industry. It’s just, well, there! Yet it is very important,- as it is to most countries, as a source of employment and revenue. The value of tourism to the United Kingdom is £86 billion and it has over 2 million jobs dependent on it (that’s 5% of the total workforce) or 1 in every 20 jobs in the UK depends on tourism. 180,000 businesses are connected to tourism and that doesn’t include the main high street shops, supermarkets or pubs that tourists use when they travel.
Some would say that tourism breeds congestion, litter and over-development. It can do but that can be managed
Importantly, tourism also helps to keep work and money in rural areas and the coasts. Although big cities like London, Cardiff and Edinburgh attract tourists think what Lossiemouth, Frinton, Cardigan and the Lake District would be like if no tourists came to support the jobs and the local economy. You might see a post office or a pub as the centre of village life but the availability of a B&B; or a guesthouse helps along the local economy.
Britain is the sixth largest attracter of tourists in the world and that doesn’t include the effect you and I have when we just go out for a day to shop, visit an attraction or go for a walk.
So this week, have a thought on the effects of tourism where you live; and not just the negatives.

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