Tomorrow is St David’s Day

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Disregarding the little event in Paris last night, Welshman will be out to enjoy themselves tomorrow as a variety of events and processions occur. Or will they?
St David’s Day has never been a public holiday and has never had the appeal that the Irish allot to St Patrick who may well have been a Welshman. Nonetheless, over the last few years a number of events have sprung up to celebrate the patron saint of Wales and because this year the day falls at the weekend. More people than ever might be out at events that will be held up and down the country..
Biggest will be the sixth annual parade through the streets of Cardiff and that, of course, will be free. In North Wales, the celebrations last longer and Colwyn Bay holds a week of festivities, which oddly enough is also the sixth time they have done it as well. Their event actually begins today with the emphasis on music and even includes a 30 foot tall St David!
If you have never been to the little city of St Davids in Pembrokeshire, you have missed one of the prettiest and tranquil places in Wales. There, tomorrow, will be told traditional stories by David Ambrose, one of the great storytellers and, in fact, storytellers pop up in a number of places from Beaumaris to Tintern.
Further afield in Chicago, the Wrigly building will be decorated in red, white and green lights in the evening
So, enjoy the weekend and forget the tragedy of Paris.

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