G.day Australia defeated by Barack Obama

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You probably remember the G’day Australia tourism campaign though it seems to have been muted of late and not as good as the “Where the Bloody Hell are you” campaign.
Well this week they took the campaign to the USA under the “G’day USA” title.
Yes I did say this week. You might remember that (unless you had your head in the sand or you lived on the moon)that a certain Barack Obama was inaugurated President and that the media ran pages and pages of this with pull-out souvenirs and freebies.
So you might be forgiven for wondering why anyone would launch a tourism campaign during a week where your chances of getting much coverage would be between nil and not very much.
Apparently $1 million dollars was spent on this (about £490,000). And I suspect most of it was a complete waste. If it had been private money, one would like to think it would have been altered to another date
Now if they had taken a leaf out of Queensland’s book and launched a job advert for an island paradise they would have got much more than a $1 million worth of publicity.
Instead the publicity is of bad planning and a reluctance to alter things

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