Australia, Tourism & the Best Job in Travel

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Unless you have been asleep for the last 48 hours it has been hard not to see news about the advertised job in Australia. For about seventy thousand pounds a year you have to live on Hamilton Island off the Queensland coast, feed the fish, survey all you behold and write a regular blog. Well, I write a blog, I don’t keep fish though but am quite partial to sunshine, especially after last week’s low temperatures.
But I am not alone in thinking about the job. Everyone else has seen it as well. I was in the Gyll Shopping Centre in Edinburgh yesterday and two elderly ladies got on the bus with me. It was the only thing they discusssed. Well at least until I got off but that was a 15 minute bus ride.
On December 26th, the Nicole Kidman film, Australia, opened in the UK to mixed reviews. The Australian Tourist Commission has developed a huge marketing push to get us to travel to Austalia in conjunction with the film but I’m beginning to think the money may be wasted. All they have to do is advertise a job like the one on Hamilton Island and they will get masses of publicity. And the ladies on the Edinburgh buses will talk about it, unlike the film Australia.

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